Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept health insurance?

For a full explanation please contact our office. As always, it is best for you to contact your health insurance company and verify whether your plan covers mental health for home visits and office visits.

My health care plan does not cover mental health, are there other payment options?

We do have many payment options. Please contact us and we can see how we can meet your needs.

What should I expect in my first session?

A session generally lasts 45 minutes. Your initial session will involve background information, helping our staff assess the best way to move forward. It is best to show up a few minutes early in order to fill out necessary paperwork and verify payment information.

I don’t need counseling but I have a friend who could really use your help. Can you help them?

We always appreciate you telling your friends and family about us. We ask that you not make appointments for someone else unless that person has specifically asked you to do so or you are their legal guardian.

Are my sessions confidential?

Your privacy is of great importance to us. There are very few extenuating circumstances. For a copy of our privacy policy as well as your rights as a patient, please contact our office. **Please note that we will not share your information with any referral service without expressed written permission from you.**

What if I have an emergency and need to talk with someone immediately?

We do not provide formal emergency services, yet we wish to be available as much as reasonably possible. You may call the office number at any time and leave a message if there is no answer. Night and weekend calls will usually be returned the next business day. If you find yourself in an urgent situation, make a judgement about the prudence of waiting for a return call or visiting your nearest emergency room for immediate care.

Where does the name “The Well” come from?

The name comes from a passage of scripture. In John chapter 4, Jesus stops at a well to rest and meets a woman many Jews did not associate with. Jesus knew the woman’s location and meet her there. The woman came away from the well saying come and meet the man who knew everything about me and loved me. It was the place where the woman met Jesus, Jesus met her deepest need, and that woman was forever changed as a result. Likewise, our goal is to meet people where they are and lead them to a lasting Hope that does not disappoint. It is in a relationship with Jesus where we are forever changed.