A question someone may ask themselves is am I at the point in time that I need therapy. Many may think that therapy is only for someone that is at the end of their rope. And certainly, therapy can help in those situations. But therapy is also for those that need help figuring out a decision, have anxiety that is interfering in their life, or feelings of sadness that won’t go away. Therapy is for the child that has difficulty controlling their anger, needs help with social skills, or is going through a tough family situation. Therapy is for the marriage that is in crisis, but also for the couple that just needs a little help communicating. Therapy is for those that see or hear things that others don’t, for those that have spans of time that they don’t remember, or for those that have difficulty with having a healthy relationship. Therapy is for those that have panic attacks, for those that have trouble just getting through the day, or for those that often feel others take advantage of them.


Therapy means different things to different people. Bottom line is that therapy is for those that need help and are struggling on their own. People are relational and aren’t meant to go through life alone, trying to figure out all the answers. In fact, most, if not all people need therapy at some point in their lives. So, I encourage you…if there is an area that you’re struggling in, reach out and get help. It can make a difference!


Steffani Wooley, MA, LPC-I