The human brain is an amazing creature. It adapts and does whatever it needs to in order to survive. When someone is going through something difficult, the brain will often protect itself by preventing parts of memories from being remembered. Difficult childhoods can change the brain or wire the brain in such a way that someone may have difficulty handling their emotions or thinking of the long term consequences of an action. However, just as the brain forms itself and wires itself in a way to prevent further harm, the brain can also be changed and rewired in a positive manner.


What are some ways to rewire your brain in a way so that you are better able to manage stress, manage emotions, communicate more effectively, or think through a problem more objectively? One easy way is by simple gratefulness. Gratitude rewires your brain in a way that it makes you more likely to look at things in a more positive manner. Much like the indentations from a tread that’s been gone over and over, the more you do something, the more likely it is you will do it again. Another example of this is piano playing. The more you practice, the more the brain takes over so that your brain just knows what to do! Focusing on what you are grateful for helps with emotional regulation, decreases depressions, and can give you a better outlook on life in general.


Another way you can rewire your brain is desensitization. When someone has a fear of something, the brain reacts in a way that as soon as they see, or possibly even think about that thing, it sets of a series of events in the brain and body to automatically react in a particular manner. Desensitization helps to disrupt that pattern. However, if someone has a fear of something, and they avoid that thing due to that fear, it increases the “groove,” it reinforces the fear. Desensitization can be difficult on your own for some things. In those scenarios, seek professional assistance.


There are other ways to rewire the brain, possible subjects for further blogs. Keep in mind that any rewiring of the brain will take time. It may take weeks, possibly months before new pathways are formed and new responses are learned. Be patient!