You may have heard the benefits of having a flexible body; one primarily being that you are less likely to hurt yourself. The same is true if someone is able to be flexible in mind. What does that mean exactly?


If someone’s mind is inflexible, they are rigid in their thinking, aren’t able to adapt, aren’t able to see things from other’s point of view, and therefore are often less compassionate. We are seeing a lot of this in our world today. Issues appear to be completely black and white with no gray to be found. Instead, all that is found is anger, hatred, lack of compassion, and unhappiness all the way around. This can affect your mind, your emotions, and even your body. How many of us have felt like we had a knot in our stomach when we were upset? Inflexibility carries over into relationships, thereby not just effecting the person, but those in their world.


So how can you increase mind flexibility? One place to start is humility. By that I mean, realizing that no one on the planet knows all there is to know. Consider what the other person is saying, what the other viewpoint may have to offer. It is very rare that one viewpoint is completely positive with no negatives. Considering another viewpoint can increase empathy. This doesn’t mean that you end up agreeing with the other viewpoint, but you are better able to see why another person may feel or think that way. Using these steps can decrease anxiety and anger, aid in healing relationships, and give greater peace.