Since March, relationships have been making a shift. We’ve been trying to figure out how to maintain our social circle as well as our relationships with our family while still maintaining social distancing…and in the case of our family at home, without going crazy. Relationships are at an all-time strain for many people. Here are some clues when it may be time to get help:

  • You notice that you and your significant other are getting into arguments either over “little” things or the same things
  • You love your child, but your patience is wearing thin; they just won’t listen
  • You’re exhausted from trying to meet everyone’s needs around you
  • You feel lonely yet want to be alone at the same time
  • The idea of being vulnerable with anyone scares you


Each of these situations have a different root cause and different solutions. While your relationships may have been healthy before COVID, the pandemic has shined a flashlight on areas we may not have known needed some work. However, the good news is that there’s never been an easier time to get help. Most therapists are online at this time, making scheduling and convenience at an all-time high. If you would like to thrive instead of just survive in your relationships, reach out for help!